Welcome To Tipping Point Solutions

Tipping Point Solutions is a full-service e-learning company specializing in the customized design, production and delivery of interactive e-learning products. We specialize in providing customers the option, where desired, to quickly and cost-effectively repurpose their existing learning material, providing greater interactivity and overall learning engagement. Designed around proven educational methodologies, our innovative learning solutions blend the right mix of content, delivery and training technologies to serve clients in education, business, and government.

"At Tipping Point Solutions, our goal is to provide our customers with what they want most: proven results that deliver improved efficiency and organizational effectiveness."

- Rick Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer

Educational Science

Our training products are designed around proven educational methodologies and learning practices that make learning enjoyable. The results of this are products that promote maximum comprehension and long-term retention.

Learning Technologies

Leveraging the latest technologies, we provide our clients the highest quality immersive and interactive learning experience delivered via the Web or on mobile devices, enabling our customers to perform their training when and where it's most appropriate.

Filming In Education

Delivering dramatic film-based products, ideally suited to education and training products, we deliver filming options including filming on-site a Client's location, producing informative documentaries or creating HBO-quality dramatic scenarios.

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